For the glass industry we offer technology, full range of machines and processing lines for glass processing. Our offer includes a whole range of diamond tools for glass processing, cutting wheels as well as chemical products applicable at various stages of production.

Our offer covers:

Tools for glass industry:

All kind of glass processing diamond tools: drills, grinding wheels, blades, milling wheels, special tools.

Flexible grinding and polishing tools.

Glass cutting wheels.

Special tools manufactured on customer’s order

Diamond tools regeneration and profiling.


Machines for glass industry:

Machines to process glass at all stages: technology and machinery for batch houses, glass furnaces and tanks, technological lines and machines for glass forming.

Processing lines and glass-processing machines.

Furnaces and lines for hardening, bending and both bending and hardening, machines and process lines for glass cutting.

Horizontal and vertical grinders, drilling machines, and chamfering grinders, CNC machinery for glass processing.

Sand blasting automatic machines and water-jet machines.

Transport and carry equipment.

Closed circuit cooling systems for grinding and cutting.


Other products for glass industry:

All kind of accessories suitable in glass industry.

Chemicals used in the processes of cutting, grinding, assembly of window panels, glass lamination, etc.